Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


Father Christmas
my fake beard becomes real
for the little boy
Partly as research for my Christmas novel, I'm Santa Claus in the Ice Cavern. I've been told by many grandparents that I am the best Santa they've seen.

I think some parents and grandparents even believe in me as the real Santa.

Strangely enough, sometimes, only sometimes, the full set of whiskers feel very real to me, and I occasionally test them myself! ;-)


Jenn Jilks said...

My late father grew a beard for a Christmas Trek, he never shaved it again!

Alan Summers said...

Thanks Jenn!

I can take my beard off at the end of each shift.

I'm not sure I'd want a permanent beard, but sometimes it does feel incredibly real! ;-)

The Super Renga