Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun



New haiku

I breathe in
the entire sky

this weather!
snow from the east
snow from the west

tiny world
much in little,

falling snow
I am here
nothing but snow

the green frog
on the green leaf -

New haiku

winter cold
birds foraging
in nearby cities

miso with mustard
hidden for years
your smile

with different fillings
sweets for all seasons
your smile

January sun
from the horses’ breath

by a local artist

more then
our differences
in differences 

New haiku

moon tonight!
she still holds
all her secrets

a lot of fun -
from moonlight
my shadow

chaos and chaos between the two ...silence

end of winter -
the scarecrow gets
new robes

 not too much
not too little ...
just right

Magic Roadside Pond

Under the water
Trees grow in patches of sky;
Magic roadside pond.

Against the Pale Sun

Against the pale sun
Silhouetted tree stands out
In gray morning light.


signals in the night
steady now, keep pace, keep track
geese on route north
signaler i nat
rolig nu, hold farten, hold kursen

gæs på ruten nord


some nights’ sky is clear
dark  cold  and yes December
remember the stars
nogle nætter er himlen klar
mørk - kold - og ja december

husker du stjernerne