Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


driving home
ravens gather
in the tall trees,
their rasping cries echoing
from the shadows of winter woods
thin snow drizzle --
winter's afterthought


Crocuses in snow,
tired of writhing in the cold—
still your hearts are gold.
before the snow settles
falling in love
with my wife
again and again
the wind stiffens
vortices of dry leaves
sweep across the path
Flower beds
purple pulsatilla
winter's end
melting snow -
a blackbird pecks
old crumbs


neige fondante -
un merle picore
des miettes anciennes

a new white dusting
freshens the filthy mounds -

still, damp and cold
a shiny red motorbike
on the roadside
blustery morning
wind rattling the windows
snow dusting on the streets
on sunken fields
grey water
white gulls radiant
corrugated roof
creaks and groans in the wind
rain paints the pond


Water drips
off my roof
songs of new spring

morning mist
hides the street lights
dew beads on snow drops
another storm watch
armed with shovels and ice melt
everyone holds their breath

tired from waiting

the snow, the fallen leaves hug

an eager snowdrop

morning mist
a smattering of snow
on the dustbins
weekend plans-
Philadelphia Flower Show*
and brunch with old friends

* Biggest Flower show in the east coast- this year we are experiencing gardens from around the world....two city blocks worth of all kinds of exotic plants and a city block of gardening supplies.
I can't wait
kick the can
once a child's game --
now bits of frozen detritus

disguised as a cloud

the moon gulps down day-warmth,

the sun is gracious

catkins at the boating pond
a puddling of mallards
dipping for food


As quiet as snow
I’ll be
in your dream

As light as snow
I leave no footprint
in your front yard

As sure as snow
this will pass
Snowdrops already showing

As snow melt
at my breath
breaking the ice between us

As snow is white
so is spring green
will you come?
melting snow
bent evergreen stretches
back toward the sky

the ground is getting

drunk with sweet maple tears-

the healing begins

virgin snow
the fox making prints
for the morning

Icebox, Japan
mallards courting
my snowman suffers
a second death

Under snow
all are equal
a struggle
where no struggle is needed
hard to accept for relative

Equal under snow
for relative hard struggle
where no struggle is needed
Cemetary in my hometown, this section is the one without actually gravestone, but gravestone as an art of cover stone marking the spot where the urn is buried.
howling --
me or the wind?
dogs snowplough
through the deep white drifts
the cat's tail, twitching

the wait becomes
cold creeps in
like a furtive spray-can artist
arum leaves glisten
a germinated onion
in the pantry -
spring on the way


un oignon germé
dans le garde-manger -
le printemps en chemin
snow cover
after snow cover
after snow
still raining hard -
I’m caught in a soggy
old fishing net
snow prickles
at un-gloved fingers
sunburst sky

Their Approach

heartache's trombone
blares its glacial outrage
through nondescript umbrage
welcome not
surrender's snowflakes near
** **
..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching into the poet's heart

I am not amused.....

evening surprise-
ten foot drift of grey snow
piled up on my lawn

snow removal crews put all the snow from the street my house sits on on my lawn instead of carting it away
my longing
for a distant land
under my feet
a black sludge
of dead leaves
daffodil spears
nasturtium seedlings
poke above the compost
I prune the buddleia

cabin fever
this winter cold
afternoon drive-
ski jump shaped frozen run off
hangs off empty house
winter drips -
a puddle in my brain

Ash Wednesday

dust we are
to dust we shall return
the irrefutable law of nature
crocus shoots
above the mossy lawn
children's voices
in the jewel blue sky
a flood light sun
Ash Wednesday
light rain
from the cloud-smudged sky
winter pub quiz
one of the hotter countries
has the best answer
a dusting of frost
leaves dogprints in frozen mud
clouds of car exhaust
mid morning break
talk of igloo construction
in a city park
falling snow...this time
enough to whiten the world
and no palpitations
a trickle of run-off
from the waterlogged field
salmon-streaked sky

Wintry Sludge

its wintry sludge
washed off, my newfound
lucky dime shines on
** **
..circa 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris

morning phone call
long term friend in a coma
he loved the snow
after the snow
new crop of rim killers*
surface in the streets

*rim killers - large potholes
a grey canopy
connects the horizons
dead leaves rattle
The iron fist of winter
hit again and again
no wonder
I’m dreaming
of spring

More love poems in my blog: Haiku Harvest
Valentine's Day–
my wife reads up
on Henry VIII
bright sunshine
and skies of flawless topaz
naked Roman boys
melon haze
snow man leans
into the rising sun

Any suggestions?
after eight days
pulling my car into the street
the joy of errands
raindrops bead
on the surface of parked cars
the postman whistles
school's shouts
seem to be nearer
this snowy morning


plus proches
les cris de l'école
ce matin de neige
Globe outcry
and glacier crack
steel coagulate
first light
shining on the snow drifts
crow greets the new day

delicate ice sheet
shatters, the thaw has begun
ducks dipping again


Around falling leaves
a lone dreaming flower--

rain puddles
on poured concrete patio
wet dogs on clean floors

suddenly I'm sinking
up to my thighs
in yesterday's blizzard

emptying itself
into frozen puddles -

only to freeze again -
this fragile heart

the wind moans
a mockingbird circles
mounds and mounds of white

(I think I need help with the last line!)

Milkweed seeds have flown
Leaving the dry empty husks
And long dark shadows.
snow-capped roofs
reflect morning sunshine
a single snowdrop

Originally published in World Haiku Review, Vol. 2, Issue 2, July 2002. Included in my book, Rustle of bamboo leaves.
above black branches
caught on the wind
the clouds

thanks Rachel

Snow Blowing In The Wind.........

will it ever stop
gusts of wind blow
snow pills higher and higher
time for a long winters nap

dark shrouds billow northward
the house holding its breath
we wait --
a hint of blue
cottontails among the wolves
finger shaped ivy


Ridged branches
snows firm grip tighten
the garden moan
so many times
we have walked in the park
with our dogs
parakeets greet us
in every weather


Where old women talk
down by the frozen river—
come, let us listen.
walls glitter
as the number 12 goes past
reflected sunlight

Super Bowl Champions

who dat?
from the ruins of Katrina
to Super Bowl champions
New Orleans' Saints
harbingers of hope
showers of snow
the motorway rumbles
behind the hill
the wind howling
rain batters the windows
my hat, tied on
Strange deafness
hanging in the crisp air
curled up leaves

New Year's Eve

the romance
of new year's eve
is missing
this time too
I may as well report it
** **
..circa 2008..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony


the polar bear forays through
with bloomier eyes
** **
..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris

suspense in grey
as the damp suffuses all --
next door's dog poop
Patiently waiting
to serve me again
my favorite bench
sometimes you lose...
the light goes out on another
crisp afternoon

Not Yet Spring

a snarling dog waits
crouching on the horizon
the cold bite of frost
zen garden
covered with snow:
zen garden

(Mainichi Daily News)
sullen clouds
leave the streets grey and wet
crisp packet colour
February begins -
where did I put the list
of my resolutions ?


début de février -
où ai-je rangé la liste
de mes résolutions ?

Also posted on
the stillness of white
ruffled by birdsong --
spring cannot be far

The Hunter.

brown-white wings beating
a barn owl hunting above
Orion looks on
morning rain
to wash away the snow
cold pizza breakfast

The Gossip

it rains, it plummets
the sheets of ice one confesses
one's frailties to
have already learned your sins--
the waning moon, the gossip
** **
..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
big snow prep
big pot of chili, cocoa
and a few good books
from grey moody skies
seagulls shriek, no fish today
on the council tip
visibility reduced
to flakes of whirling snow
blue tits fighting


Icicles hang low

Obstructing the frosted view

Snap off, add to gin
winter chill-
your warm whispers
tickle my ear
as snow lands on snow-
I melt

Winter Fading

beneath his window
the droppings of winter fading
turn chance glances
into unanswered kisses
and boots to be put away
** **
..circa 2007..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
multilingual haiku
posted on some parking signs
in West Hollywood

The haiku were written in either Russian, Spanish, or English. This came from the evening news a night or so ago.Check this link: Haiku parking signs
I found another site showing pictures of the signs here: Rebecca Lowry's Pictures
cleaning the car
snow glistens in the moonlight
almost warm to the touch

early commute-
weeping cherry tree
clothed in powdered snow

on the avenue
feathery snow robes gnarled tree
and the broken steps

for Beatrice

I'm startled by the
iron chimes of church bells
echoing off the moon
cold rain rippling
across the slow
brown river
fresh snow
ices Viburnum leaves
schoolgirls in pink hats
winter sun

between fog and cloud
thumbprint glows
another snowfall -
the robin's tiny glow
dry nasturtiums
make for excellent kindling
Imbolc fire


more vengefully now
the snowballers volley through
a car alarm haze
** **
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris


breathe in the night
grass-through-the-snow clarity
articulates thought

dirigible moon
unfastened by dark fingers
my head rises

night snow
undoes a greener dream
sown in the day

frost on the lines
my train's back-up mini bus
takes the scenic hills route
frosty grass gleams -
beside the goalpost
squats a brown dog
night in the country,
startled by the sound of
white silence
I lie next to the full moon
after bell ringing session
winter sky
so pale it's almost white
apple prunings
"love is patient
love is kind,"
best if shared around

The theme of this Sunday's morning service is love. I thought of adding another line to form a haiku.
vermont highway...
on the snowy ridge
a coyote watches