Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


squabble with sparrows
garden feeders
the willow
leafy fingers on yellow twigs
raindrop prisms
on the windowpane
the cat's tail, wagging
luminary night-
after caroling I practice
my runway walk

(WHA- 95-th haiga contest)

Happy Holidays!
drinks can
rolling along the tarmac
plastic bags fly
gilds the tips of house roofs
unclaimed apples


My second book of poems, Haiku and Tanka Harvest, has just been published. Copy and paste the URL below for its location or visit my haikuharvest blog.
howling wind
picks up puddled rain
huddled dogs
willow branches
whipped by howling winds
my straggly hair
post box
festively red
my cheeks
first winter day -
touching up a haiku
of last summer


premier jour d'hiver -
retouchant un haïku
de l'été dernier
pale sun swims through clouds
promise of snow
highways threaded with silvered chrome
willow leaves
shiver in the north wind
an old man's collie

Bleary orange sun 
pries back dawn's gummy eyelid 
Winter morning fog
last year's russets
on the tree in the garden
two blackbirds
hang from a cherry branch
river seeds
behind gloom-laden clouds
homeward starlings
may it be
a flock flying south--no,
'tis a snow crew
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

those squeals of laughter
each bed bounce higher
April in december

I used to believe
that our lives would unfold
like rose petals

the sinking sun
pulls down the sky
revealing darkness
The sound of waves

Nothing changed after two months as I step my feet back in the sand of Nanganesa beach. 
They are there where they were; the cliff, the trees and fishing boats. The sky, too. Don't they move just a little somewhere?

Nothing changed. But this nothingness.


the sound
of waves—

the sound
of wave
slick with frozen rain
bloodied hands
overnight frost
turns the street white
morning rain
dog ventures out
the catflap rattles
biting wind
frigid morning
my breath beats me
to the car
fishes in the pond
sluggish in the cold wind
my scarf wrapped tightly
lacework of mist
rolls down through dark pines
my breath rippling morning's first tea
bluetit  -
amongst the icicles
a bright patch
in a storm cloud, indigo sky
cold ground
an open grave
in the cemetery
the dog
splashing in puddles
backlit clouds
more weaving through ice patches
--need not wish for winter
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
frosted windows
the coppiced willow
remains green
crackling morning
new grass shoots
surrounded by hoar frost
a crow calls
outside the bathroom window
misty rain
two full moons
rising - double glazed from an
upper window
the wind drops
skeletal trees become clam
rain drips
evening commute
full moon hides
within the tree branches
grey clouds
reflected in pavement puddles
sullen children
horizontal trees
in the gale force winds
huddled schoolchildren
willow still has leaves
despite the biting wind
fuchsia drops
crow shadows
reflected in wet roofs
sullen clouds
shards of winter
tentatively fall
eaten by rain
headscarfed old lady
bent against the wind
willow still clutches her leaves
sodden leaves
resist the chilling wind
sullen crows
chill wind
the street deserted
rolling cola can

good advice
the cutback thistles
bloom again

two crows cackle
outside the window
a scared cat
just the beak
from a wren in the wood pile-
my godmother's quilt
winter morning
two butterflies
warm the garden

The Heron’s Nest,Vol.XIII,No.2,June 2011
one hour on loan
until spring
winter time is here
missing icicle

the loss easy to bear

for the hope of spring
nuclear winter
of discontent
my stick snaps
in today's email-
good friend ends his autumn
and finally rests
more daylight
less sleep --
half moon in the balance
I hear an owl
ice running down the roof
like mice

* * *

kuulen pöllön
jäät juoksevat katolta
kuin hiiret
packing for a move-
broken Christmas trinkets
fill a trash can
small hills of grit
along the pathway
men are sweeping
dust we are
to dust we shall return
Lenten's lesson
winter goes away
crows enlightens about it
on the trees
spring wind
twisted together snowflakes
direct to the summer
The spring sun
Sparrows rejoice
On dung of horses
first sun of March -
in an email coming from South
almond trees in blossom


premier soleil de mars -
dans un mail venu du Sud
les amandiers en fleur
fear of attachment
I watch my wife cross the road
behind cold windows
sodium light
wounded by cold air
in the alley
between the estate agent
and the betting shop
icy winter day
refusing his brown hand
she slips again

World Haiku Review
January 2011


meager icing
on a cake, the snow,
once more
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
it hurts
to think about the break up
i'm feeding the koi

berfikir tentang perpisahan
aku memberi makan koi
morning commute
mounds of dirty snow
on the shaded lawn
like a fairytale hero
through snowflakes
first spring wind
a vee of geese
sunlight flashing on wings
sparrow chorus
clouds link together
ignoring the stiff wind
seagulls swooping

first snow
voices of unseen children
fill this old body

shadow cross of
winter moonrise
a pain that doesn't heal

icy fingers drip
winter whites grant a spark of spring
elation comes forth
pale winter reins still
trees moan swaying in the wind
soon spring shall rise again
i brew my coffee
early in the day
I open the door
fragrance of morning's snow
in silence
shows on the heaven
the moon bleak smiled
dancing of shadows
morning sun
occluded by nimbus clouds
next door's dog, barking
downpour - sharing
the awning of the florist's shop
with primroses


averse - partageant
le store du fleuriste
avec des primevères
rain beats down
on a sodium yellow street
midnight tyre hiss
morning rains
hidden in fog
memories no longer recalled
nor missed
misted over river
the Humber Bridge
linking to Heaven
under grey skies
a murmuration of starlings
yellow aconites
duck roast--
splashes from the pond
reach my dining room

bebek panggang--
suara percikan dari kolam
sampai ke meja makan
cold air hardens
the rocks

dingin mengeraskan
warm camellia
sensation from the last encounter
stains my napkin

teh hijau hangat
getar dari pertemuan terakhir
membekas di serbet
snow banks
gritty and blackened --
the last guest that lingers on forever
white sky
mottled with Payne's grey, indigo
birds fly to shelter
this cold night
without you
dreaming of bells
the parkour attempts
Quasimodo's Notre Dame

damp mist
clings to bare tree limbs
a sparrow, nestbuilding

Haiku..last snowflake

it may be
the last snowflake...
thank you, winter
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
uninvited guest
the wind blows a pine cone
along the corridor

tamu tak diundang
dia menyepak bunga pinus
sepanjang selasar
mist-laden air
from a roof top aerial
a rook calls
outside my window
the few snowflakes dance
in the cold morning
copper bottom moon
I lose a poker game
on the train
snowdrops droop
becoming ragged and dog-eared
misty morning
in the birch's
bright branches a crow's nest:
dark slum
hushed night
a little girl dreams that
she has seven sisters


mist replaces snow
dripping from fresh leaves
wet pawprints on the carpet
snow falls
muffling sound
silent garden
full hunger moon
wild onions

Haiku..the promise

mounds of snow
are once more fading...
what was the promise
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..mostly channeled; spirit Ram
Cheshire Moon
the cat from Persia
speaks to me

A Winter moon:
full snow moon
I am drowned by
the tide in me
dirty moon
last night
I trusted you

NaHaiWriMo #18 
getting drunk
with the winter moon
cadmium blues

spring-like morning -
the hedge
sings for all its worth
feed from fat balls
the cat in the window
pruning wild plums
the thorns tame
blue tits struggle
to extract sunflower seeds
coal tits eat from shrubs
mud flecks
I want to dive in and out
of your freckles 

fingers of sunlight
pierce the night-heavy clouds
mist lingers
Strawberry Hill
the mud off the vampire's

n.b. in honour of the very first gothic novel.
dark clouds lace fingers
to block away the sun
spears of purple crocus
Valentine's Day -
a pink bud
on the quince tree


Saint Valentin -
un bouton rose au cœur
du cognassier

the ground is restored
remnants of snow droppings
flow softly toward spring

Valentine Day
my wife is far too busy
with murder in mind

n.b. It's her job. ;-)
dull day
my wife's something bright
from the wedding

Pre-Valentine's Day
valentine's day -
a first daffodil
opens its heart
winter cherry
exposes shy flowers
honeysuckle's new shoots


ha! another winter
will salivate and puke
all the way back
to the dormant dimension
of you had your turn, now wait
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony;
reaching into the poet's heart
rain drizzles
washing away high spirits
the dog cries to come in
on his eyes and mine

although we are far apart

the same glint of moon

PS: 'moon' is the wrong kigo for the season! I am posting here -winter, only because I wrote it now; critique/advise/editing,  welcome

opening the window

this utterly still night--

to let in the moon

snowmelt river
a burger boy remembers
he was born of fish
white against the dark earth
clouds zip their edges
midnight conversation
they're not always death
I say about lilies

Plants in the Liliales grow from Bulbs, or Corms, both of which will store food over the winter or during the dry season.
rain cascades
down windows and guttering
mud on the duvet
hissing car tyres
on the rain slick road
washing machine hums
cutting through brambles
the invisible ropes
wrapped tight round my arms
pint mug of tea
all my childhood
in bookcovers
flat morning light
filtered through heavy grey cloud
dogs return damp
on the snowdrops
winter sun
burns away frost
yellow crocus
crows call
from next-door's sycamore
blue tits scatter
Against the dark sky
the white of a gull's wings
coke tin rolls past dustpan

another snowstorm
my dustpan comes in handy
one hundred scoops
in my little balcony
and you'd think it's spring
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
..reaching into the poet's mind
last day at the plant
hate and love side by side
walking out the door
guilty pleasures–
a cold wind
through the kitchen

Part of NaHaiWriMo on Facebook! ;-)
among the snowdrops:
the coot's tail
winter honeysuckle -
a light pause
at twilight


chèvrefeuille d'hiver -
un léger temps d'arrêt
dans le crépuscule
winds drop
leaving the clouds to creep back
mud spattered paths
Crows returning
in the mist of new year
carrying daisies
empty school yard
from above the cross guard's post
Orion surveys it
trees bent sideways
by the tails of tornadoes
clouds ripped away
midnight chores
the whirr of the shredder
drowns out the wind's howls
ceaseless mountain wind
rubs the windowpane
i sigh..
slightly move my chair
to keep up with the moon

angin gunung
terus saja mengusap jendela
aku mendesah...
sedikit menggeser kursi
kembali terpaku pada bulan
seagulls congregate
on the school yard after break
pigeons at the chippy
flash of white fur
against a dark, winter house
surprise cat
evening drive
moon puddles
in the runoff
late morning coffee
...glimpsing an opossum
on her way home
evergreens shiver
in a crisp, cold breeze
sparrows eating fat balls
so wide is the sky
as those cranes fly home
i catch minnows
for a lonesome dinner

oh luasnya langit
saat burung bangau pulang
tetap diam
aku menangkap ikan-ikan kecil
untuk makan malam sendirian
morning commute
icy moonlight crackling
on the blacktop
two crows
preen each other:
dressing for spring
feeling the age
crawling under my skin
what's in the afterlife
i wish for a guitar
and younger Dylan

aku merasa
makin tua saja
di kehidupan setelah mati
mudah-mudahan ada gitar
dan Dylan muda
standing at the summit
light-headed above cloud
falling in love
Waning moon
in the vastness of the night
--so much loneliness

© Beatrice van de Vis2011 -Publ. Blithe Spirit (Journal of the British Haiku Society) vol. 21 No 2, June 2011
bitter night cold
turns to morning rain
muddy dog prints
in the apricot air
snow seems lighter to carry
for a day

* * *

lumi on kevyempää
päivän verran
the grass sparkles
under a layer of frost
morning sunshine

light rain–
a blackbird’s sub-song
shares the evening

During the winter, Blackbirds can often be heard quietly "singing to themselves" within undergrowth, this is called sub-song.  Blackbirds quietly practise these songs in the run up to the courting season.

sandy beach
striated by wind and frost
seagulls cry
When the ice pools melt,
dark quagmires of mud and silt
suck at careless feet.
holy transitions—
wayside puddle congealing
then thawing again
cavorting in blue
magpies scatter
icy moon -
a white shape escapes
from a chimney


lune glacée -
une forme blanche s'échappe
d'une cheminée
dark, ancient forest
endless, snow covered branches
as I drive to work
after the snow
trees bent nearly double
but not broken
dawn already...
the old Moon is still
courting Venus
snow day
helping neighbor with her car
while shoveling mine out
a calm forest
single snow-crusted pine
swaying silently

* * *

hiljainen metsä
yksi luminen mänty
huojuu ääneti
dry leaves crackle
in their brown winter drifts
patches of blue
drifts of white
lace the windows --
pearled edge of lunacy
solar light come on
in the night-time garden
next door's dog, barking
the salt stains
in the elevator show
where to stand
perfect rime can stay
unphotographed —
hands capture warmth
the yip yip of a fox
in the midnight velvet street
two cats, shouting
clouds rise
like bubbles in the blue
roadworker grumbles
winter winds
red from the nandina's berries
spills over the leaves
stratus clouds
claw in from the horizon
a cat slinks past the fence
a bitter wind
drives away the sparrows
dogs argue at the fence
morning commute
the moon and I take turns
leading the way
the moon
in a puddle
- nearly full


la lune
dans une flaque
- presque pleine
clouds form
a cold blanket above
dogwood stems rattle
thunder snow
the school's whiteboard
matches the sky
snow falls
through the tall pines
wanting to stay

* * *

sataa lunta
hiljaa honkien alle
jäisin tähän
glacier of tail-lights
flowing imperceptibly
envy the bikers
gilds the altostratus
gulls on streetlight
In full Moon
frozen branches
strange tales from faraway

rather tired
of my baking
both the blue jay and I
a dog's bark
echoes from brick walls
freezing air
monring commute
tailpipe fog lurches forward
with the green light
the lady next door
dressed to the nines to walk her dog
frosty pavement
bleary solar orb
 still gummy with last night's mists
barely sees the day
cyan sky
bleached white by the sunrise
cat on the windowsill

playing with the dog
in the fresh snow
two kangaroos

* * *

koiran kanssa
uudessa lumessa
kaksi kengurua

a chill breeze, damp
cat at the open window
freezes the whole house
the last drop
from the icicle
the sun inside it
a bitter wind
bends the trees almost double
sparrows huddle
Three Kings Festival
the battery goes flat
on the 4x4
melting snow -
pieces of bread scattered
on the lawn


neige fondante -
des morceaux de pain épars
sur la pelouse
chocolate cake
uneaten on the bird table
wet leaves
mirrors in the garden
only reflect grey clouds
a thrush looks for snails
summer's blue
now, a shoulder's scab
a wintry haze
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

wrapped in white quiescence
stillness adheres to the world
my breath alone moves

through the blizzard
particles of me
soft clouds whisper
across a powder-blue sky
blue tits return
hang from bare cherry branches
ribbons for good fortune
icicles align
with tree trunks - flawless
winter asana
I hear it
through the whispering pines-
winter's song

(First posted on my blog, Softspoken)
bitter winds
dry the night's puddles
abandoned nest
makes a nest in the hedge
sparrows scatter

he asks Santa
for a ticket to Mars
and a suitcase

Not a haiku but a renga verse
fluttering shadow
on the snow-covered driveway
American flag
sweet, creamy goodness
of a proper tea
poured in the morning darkness
edges of sunshine
creep around skulking clouds
two magpies
Full moon
Behind the old tree ...
Fantastic sight !
Through the window
The wise old white owl
And shadows of darkness
With the blizzard
Fills the winter evening
old letters
whisper thin --
sunlight through a veil of snow


it’s white out there
falling flakes
angels still beating duvet
crunchy snow -
a truck of frozen food stops
at the neighbor's house


neige craquante -
un camion de surgelés
s'arrête chez les voisins
a brightness of clouds
next-door's snowman
becomes a rabbit
bare branches,
outside my window,
say you're not an omen
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
another snowfall
monochromes the fields
magpies flicker
the birdtable
has been left unvisited
the bare trees empty
morning rain
patters against the window
ticking clocks
sky shift           空の変化
a Chinese lantern         中国のランタン
hits the moon         月を打つ

original haiku by Alan Summers
Japanese translation Hidenori Hiruta

Penitential soup
Full of vegetables and beans
Post Christmas diet
the sun brightens clouds
but the eclipse remains obscured
sparrows chatter

snowed in again
I watch the streetlamps glow
and dream of Narnia

Blithe Spirit vol. 20 no. 4 December 2010  

A goodbye to snow, although I enjoyed every second. ;-) 
across the road
white goods are delivered
black clouds scuttle
icy path -
moon and stars try
to distract me


allée verglacée -
la lune et les étoiles
cherchent à me distraire
this holiday
I feed my soul
with snow and Europe

my eyes do not blink
my lungs don't exhale

every bit of me
hungry and greedy
fills up with memories
a scrap of orange balloon
on the roof of the shed
hollowed-out apples
raindrops fall
beneath the viburnum
next door dog, squatting
To a fresh breeze
I open my window
New year's first caller