Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


last hours
filling with memories,
wishes on the wing . . .

..clumps of snow

once more,
with my dustpan, I threw down
the balcony snow
each time a clump grazed
my tree's dry branches, I apologized
..Dec. 28, 2012..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching into
the poet's mind


in still waiting
spruce trees

so foul and fair a day

Winter solstice storm
wrack scuds under twin rainbows
fit day for MacBeth

Light in darkness

There is a window in the darkness of night
there is always light
all day, all night
the whole week
through the month
all year
it’s never off
always on
those who live there
might turn off their own light
from time to time
that is
light of now -
of passed time
it’s another matter
that stands clearly in their minds
always bright
their youth, their deeds
their life
now is gray
remembering shortly or even not at all
there is always light
even if it’s not recognized


Light in darkness
always we remember the past

a flash of magpie
behind the brick houses
plastic Santa Claus

golden arrows at sunrise
criss-cross the clear sky
warmth meet cold

bold bright birch
stands before the darkened sky
holding up the night

gnarled drooping limb
softly the gray mist gathers
to enshroud you
crowd the buddleia
bluetits fly off

..his guests

he slides
the balcony door open...
lets in the stars
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..mostly channeled; spirit Ram
in the garden pond
the koi suspended
blackbird sends a song
through the bathroom window
front stoop crocuses
snow is sparkling bright –
my footprints only witness
this silent vastness

DianART: snow is sparkling bright
potted crocus
brighten the doorstep
white clouds
through the curtain gap
a pigeon's song
bluetits wait for sparrows
to leave the bird table
starlings queue-jump
tears of joy
the happy snowflakes of old,
your eyes, are back
..(C)2010/2012 Spiros Zafiris
.channeled; spirit Ram
at the top of the tallest tree
plastic bag
by the roadside
I pass a still shape
outstretched pheasant
overnight rain
brings dreams of bumpy seas
blunt tulip torpedoes
rain patters
ripples on the lake
spread and join
wind spinner
scatters garden sunshine
blue tit
Payne's grey clouds
bring a re turn to the cold
the dog whines


Venus and Jupiter
bright beads threaded on the
orbital plane
romancing the mist;
another fading winter
-purple crocuses
morning sun
gives the illusion of warmth
still, quiet air
From the white land
The roots of time shall grow
Naked trees in my
Frozen dream! Killed
By my own
crocuses springing
last dry leaves
stripped from the garden
squeezed into the birdtable
sparrows chitter
magnolia buds
swollen, soft --
tiny dancers poised
for the first movement
London pigeons
eclipsed by bells and sirens
oratory performance
golden sunlight
edges bare willow branches
golden bark
beak to beak
...valentine heart
shivering trees
a relentless wind
rubbish flies along
the trench
I shovelled --
a squirrel highway

snow is sparkling bright

snow is sparkling bright –
my footprints only witness
this silent vastness

a dog fox
trots along the midnight street
the neighbour's cat
distant hills
capped with crisp snow
gilds the tops of trees
magpie wings
waning moon
slowly turns his
face away
cold, sharp air
fills his morning lungs
cigarette smoke

water is tasteless

water is tasteless,
almighty, full of caress -
 words in frozen dress…
blue tits
dart to the bird table
the cat is too slow
a full moon
painting the frost
coated streets
snow recedes
pigeons flock to rooftops
and chimneys
snow clings
in the fields and hedgerows
blackbirds chirp
through branches  -
the sun cutting
shadows out of the frost

..her scream

on the sidewalk
her scream chased snowflakes
from my hat
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
hissing tyres
turn snow to muddy sludge
bouncing off snow
hungry sparrows
surviving naked
in this winter
branches  I salute you
frosted whites
a squirrel in the garden
chased by the dog

first snow

at last
the first snow falls
in the Lowlands
dancing on morning frost
hungry sparrows

crescent moon rises
bright –like a bar of light through
 a crack in a door
in a last
ray of sunlight
sparrow warms himself
breath vapours
become baby clouds
curious blackbird
artic winds  -
with his red scarf
orange sunshine
from a cloudless sky
seagulls inland
five sparrows
crowd the bird table roof
the cat on the shed

a gray squirrel
munching seeds...
winter fog
in the bare sycamores
Sainsbury's bags

rhythmic ebb and flow
gray gusts beyond these warm walls
a soothing howl

driving through the night
Mars and Orion to guide us
safely home
the dog
locked out all night
frosted grass


the moon in her hair
and Venus – a bright bead of light
upon her neck
crocus shoots
show a hint of gold
edged clouds
last night bright
Venus shone down upon all
my wounds, my scars
two magpies
court on rooftop aerials
bright sunshine
gilded clouds
leave patches of blue
rooftop corvids
dry grass
the wind seems colder
without the rain
bitter cold midday
squirrels playfully love-sick
crossed my path
fallen after the wind
silent wood


shadows in dusk
angels gathering
at church’s point
Photo by Peter Lindholm, Norway; Words: Ashi

constant rain
over the garden
unrepentant clouds
bitter wind
screams through the window frames
the cat flap rattles
freezing rain
hammers at the windows
the dog's wet kisses
incessant rain
leaves beads of water
bare branches
we’ll be watching films
projected onto the black face
of the new moon

frequent the bird table
the cat at the window
wind and rain
burns away the frost
sparrows stay hidden
lit by morning sun
buddleia leaves
hang like limp jellyfish
morning sparrows


why the birch's branch
courting the starling, I,
feel freer...
for these resolute feet to plump
and crystalize my air with snow
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
Note: perhaps i should make L5:
and crystalyze my air with snow..????
Note [again]: i just changed the last
word..initially i had it "snowflakes"
but, now, i much prefer "snow"
on the birdfeeder
hungry robins
blue tit  -
amongst the icicles


walking in the snow

the diamond cutter

feels at home


gibbous moon
a plume of smoke
from a coal fire


buried in-

my red
fingers of ice
painted on the windscreen
hoarse shouts, frozen
a bitter wind
shakes the lavender
the cat, crying
on the peanut feeder
shafts of sunlight

Old to late

old crises new rule
the issue old to late
not me

a line in the sand
tell you whether or not
you are old to late

the crises changed
the age of pension
but not to me

the lucky one
I’m not sure
old at the right time

The crises worldwide have it affect. The pension age is postponed.
They have drawn a time line – born before that you are safe – after that pension is postponed gradually. My grandchildren might have to face a time where they have to decide whether to live or not.
white flowers
on the viburnum
waxy green leaves
pink-tinged clouds
occluded by the grey

January sun

grazes the path -

a dark spur for every stone

in January

the robin queries

the other birds’ silence

a flock of blackbirds
take the last of the apples
freezing winds
populate the poplars
cemetery duties
on the black waters
the swans are pushing forward
in hope of feeding
few people indeed are out
by the Thames on New Year's Eve
the wind drops
in the bank of sycamores
a plastic bag
old calendar  -
sad days and happy days
a starling
on the apple tree
territorial blackbirds
the wind
teases the last few willow leaves
a crow calls out
pelting rain
the bin-cleaning men
in yellow rubbers
second day of new year-
on what to resolve

slivers of sunshine
limn the opposite roofs
red-stemmed dogwood
first light
the world aquiver
with possibilities
fireworks at midnight
seen through frosted windows