Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun



Old to late

old crises new rule
the issue old to late
not me

a line in the sand
tell you whether or not
you are old to late

the crises changed
the age of pension
but not to me

the lucky one
I’m not sure
old at the right time

The crises worldwide have it affect. The pension age is postponed.
They have drawn a time line – born before that you are safe – after that pension is postponed gradually. My grandchildren might have to face a time where they have to decide whether to live or not.


Gwil W said...

The financial crisis, eh? Makes you wonder where all the money has suddenly disappeared to. One minute it was there (theoretically) and the next minute it was all gone.
It's a theoretical scam. It's the old three nutshells trick.

Rapid hands are blurring
nutshells on a silky cloth
- say, where's the pea gone?

Ashi said...

Thanks, you phrase it wonderfull in this Haiku