Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


winter timetable-
the late train leaves behind
half a school trip

1) 4seasons anthology: Winter Chapter (2010)
2) Blithe Spirit  vol 17 no. 1 March 2007
High in sky
silvery white flowers
swinging clouds.

Smiles from west
twilight celebration
birds return to nest.

Tiny kids
birthday party
rainbow on the wall.

stream of water
in a vertical jump
music of waterfall.

Watching birds
time rewinds memories
in waiting hall.

Unfold in silence
stream whispers to the banks
rhymes of flow.

The tall tree
love sublimes
imprints on the bark.

Early dawn hour
a small gap in the milky way
first tooth fall.

Desert land
measuring sand dune height
a lone lizard.

Poetry of dance
wind translates the speed
kite whispers.


Valley of silence
pebbles roll down the slope
loud cry of sudden fall.

Pearls of water
cradle over the leaves
rain comes to halt.


Pearls of Word:Haiku by P K Padhy

Winter clouds
all squeeze closely
warmth of coffee cup.

The magic of colour
twilight veils the sky
evening smiles.

Clouds climb down
winter blankets the sun
foggy around.

thin ice slab
drifting with the swans --
defying the odds
Winter is doing it again
teasing me
I had such hopes of spring
evening infusion -
the flame of the match
wakes shadows up


infusion du soir -
la flamme de l'allumette
réveille les ombres
Clapham Junction
the gleam of its tracks
off my apple juice can
By slightly tilted head
clouds glide
of the birch
side by side
snow change into water

Late Snowflakes

late snowflakes
blossoms for spring's arrival
before melting
you're wishing them back, it shows
** **

..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..mostly channeled; spirit Harmony
morning commute
pile of grey snow
smaller by the day
a ribbon
of silver river -
sky mirror

white, all white
my tears are frozen
he left at first snow

the mad hatter of march
teases with scents of snowdrops
winter laughs
she weeps
her melting snowman
the coffee mug
with our pictures on it
I ordered a while back
remains unused
in the cupboard

Sketchbook, Vol. 4, No. 6
November/December 2009
melting snow -
the stream slowly
climbs the heron's legs

(winner Sketchbook kukai: melting snow)

stark winds whip barn side
weathered boards moan
winters grip unrelenting
Among the white
green islands emerge

Winter Haiku

frigid black frost clings
frozen snow bent trees
give bow to winter
another frost
the clattering of dustbins
at seven AM
stone Buddha -
in the neighbour's garden
weeds from last year
crunching spikes
of frost-hardened grass
frozen dog-poo
in the apple tree
two blackbirds in courtship
compost worms dance

I failed to see you
trapped beneath the breaking bough -
snow blindness