Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


Behind Weeping Birch
rosy clouds
- Happy New Year
blue tits
defer to sparrows
a thrush ignores the dogs
water droplets
suspended in a lattice of dreams
the mist draws back
deep-snow-walking--I pause,
to write this
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled, spirit Ram;
reaching into the poet's heart
midnight fog
turns streetlights into haloes
hungry fox darts past
tilting at the world
the late morning finds
a smaller snowman 
Blithe Spirit 
vol 20 no. 4 issn 1353-3320 (2010) 
bleary solar orb
 still gummy with last night's mists
barely sees the day
'Cross the Winter sky 
 Sirius hounds Orion 
 big screen , slow motion
heavy rain thunders
into dark, silent streets
willow trembles
hear the reports
of lights in the sky
- another year drawn to its close
flurries of snow
shroud the path, the trees
the rubbish bins
the sun behind clouds
lights them like magma
frost hardens
fairy lights
on a christmas tree
a present unwrapped

first christmas

your warm smile recalled
won't release this hard ground
entombed by snow

Christmas truce -
a small spider
crosses the kitchen


trêve de Noël -
une petite araignée
traverse la cuisine
a magpie darts
its's wings a Chinese fan
dislodging snow
snow turns to ice
a blackbird squeezes
under the bird table
A reminder
have to meet my wife
under the mistletoe
pink and lilac
sweep through the morning sky
a flock of sparrows
all day sun
a crooked snowman drops
his M&M smile
we run to the store
to look for the present
the full moon over us
my frozen tree
holds nets of seeds
small birds fly in to view
fresh snowfall
cloaks the garden in white
on the windows
Jack Frost paintings
sparrow gather
on the buddleia branches
dried flower husks
day length
five hours ten minutes
feels like falling

* * *

päivän pituus
reilut viisi tuntia
kuin putoaisin
thick frost
covering the bird table
sparrows and blue tits
dusted with powdered sugar -
white Christmas
blackbirds peck
at old, frozen apples
fish, encased in ice
fresh snow -
leave home


neige fraîche -
des traces de pas
quittent la maison
a dusting of snow
under a layer of ice
winter-fluffed sparrows
tapping the old wood of desire --
under darkness river folds to ice
afternoon commute
singing "slip slidin' away"
as I crawl home...
slow day -
the Christmas tree salesman
plays solitaire
forecast snow
but the sky cries cold tears
the last snow melts
no matter what
there will always be light

no matter what
there will always be hope

no matter what
there will always be something

at the wake
a single white rose petal
falls to the gound
sweeping the snow
in old boots -
my cramped feet


balayant la neige
en vieilles bottines -
mes pieds à l'étroit
grey skies
leach colour from the world
I plant alliums
rain patters
cleaning away old snow
squirrel on the bird table
shoals of snowflakes
the call of the ground
Ashes to ashes
dust to dust... all this beauty
of winter sadness

is nothing more than a nest
of poems and romances
grey clouds
squat like toads on houses
bare-leafed willow
I offer you a snowstorm
O heart of mine
I will glove you too--we'll have
to be strong, until she claims you
..circa Dec. 12, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony;
reaching into the poet's heart
brittle now
the rope of poison ivy
--white winds
dotted with red berries
snow clouds gather
coal tits
check the bird table
scolded by crows
in the hollows
a pond cradled
in snow and ice
like a slow motion film
the world becomes green again
on your skin like

* * *

ihollasi kuin
white clouds
sail across a blue sky
sunshine on snow
fourth watch stroll
bronzed canna leaves
sparkle in the moonlight
Christmas lights -
on the aerial
a gull screams
yellow flowers
appear on the mahonia
coal tits chatter
our black cat,
tail flicking on white snow
a blackbird , feeding
over the snow
a glitter of frost crystals
robin red-breast
melting snow
reveals the birdhouse
blue tits flitting
cars crawl
along compacted snow
sparrows return
black windows
where the old man lived -
ice on my cheek
morning spark
along with the sky
a girl is blushing
to the sonorous silence
of snow piling up

icicles hang
from above the window
Morning Star

above the still world
colors crawl
hang like knives from the roof
old man crow, crying