Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun



Against the Pale Sun

Against the pale sun
Silhouetted tree stands out
In gray morning light.


signals in the night
steady now, keep pace, keep track
geese on route north
signaler i nat
rolig nu, hold farten, hold kursen

gæs på ruten nord


some nights’ sky is clear
dark  cold  and yes December
remember the stars
nogle nætter er himlen klar
mørk - kold - og ja december

husker du stjernerne
Ice puddles again;
Winter dons it frozen shape.
Dim geometry.
cherished mold gardens
shrivel in Seattle's drought
Winter's been cancelled
flitting through the glades
haiku shouted to the wind
gleeful transience

..hope..>>also a mild kyoka

the tip
of my left hand's
index finger
has the mildest form
of frostbite, others too have hoped
..(C)2015 Spiros Zafiris..channeled; spirit
Ram; reaching into the poet's mind

(Not to be Repaid)

A word of explanation. I had uploaded this ostensibly to my blog ( but didn't look closely enough so it appeared here. Oh well. Enjoy!

Water in the glass
Shakes on the kitchen table
As I am writing.

Noiseless clod of snow
Falling swiftly to the ground
Followed by others.


 Shadow on the tree
Last for only a second
Then cloud swallows it.


 Scattered through the snow
Thin branches are silhouettes
Of a Spring to be.


Lines along the snow
Borrowed from adjacent fence;
(Not to be repaid).


 Many woodpeckers
Have feasted on this old stump.
Now, it's mainly holes.

Lying off the road
Small Siberian tundra;
(Visiting Woodstock?)

The road is empty;
All I have for company
Is my monkey mind.

moonset over Tam
bleery Winter inversion
soft-focus dreamscape

Toyokuni Utagawa

Utagawa Toyokuni - 1769-1825
Toyokuni Utagawa was one of the great printmakers of the late 18th century who made himself known by his ukiyo-e of beautiful women and later of actors.As the head of the Utagawa school he was also the most influential man on the next generation of ukiyo-e designers.

Kabuki Actor and Mt. Fuji

Kabuki Actor Portrait Matsumoto Koshiro

Kabuki Actor Portrait Sawamura Sojuro III

Kabuki Actor Portrait Matsumoto Koshiro V



sits quietly
on a packet of sweets
a cockroach in the fridge


Ram Krishna Singh's Micropoetry | - The Micropoets Society

Ram Krishna Singh's Micropoetry | - The Micropoets Society

the evening’s smile
seems conspiring with floating shadows
swains rehearse in dark corners
with cigarettes
I simply gobble the scene

poised on the ice lake
a solitary moorhen's
-frozen longing
midwinter cold —
even the sound of the bell
seems frozen

the moon leaves the trees
light snow days —
through the dark
dawn’s plow

chocolate Yule log
dusted with icing sugar -
snow covered hills