Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


Ice puddles again;
Winter dons it frozen shape.
Dim geometry.
cherished mold gardens
shrivel in Seattle's drought
Winter's been cancelled
flitting through the glades
haiku shouted to the wind
gleeful transience

..hope..>>also a mild kyoka

the tip
of my left hand's
index finger
has the mildest form
of frostbite, others too have hoped
..(C)2015 Spiros Zafiris..channeled; spirit
Ram; reaching into the poet's mind

(Not to be Repaid)

A word of explanation. I had uploaded this ostensibly to my blog ( but didn't look closely enough so it appeared here. Oh well. Enjoy!

Water in the glass
Shakes on the kitchen table
As I am writing.

Noiseless clod of snow
Falling swiftly to the ground
Followed by others.


 Shadow on the tree
Last for only a second
Then cloud swallows it.


 Scattered through the snow
Thin branches are silhouettes
Of a Spring to be.


Lines along the snow
Borrowed from adjacent fence;
(Not to be repaid).


 Many woodpeckers
Have feasted on this old stump.
Now, it's mainly holes.

Lying off the road
Small Siberian tundra;
(Visiting Woodstock?)

The road is empty;
All I have for company
Is my monkey mind.

moonset over Tam
bleery Winter inversion
soft-focus dreamscape

Toyokuni Utagawa

Utagawa Toyokuni - 1769-1825
Toyokuni Utagawa was one of the great printmakers of the late 18th century who made himself known by his ukiyo-e of beautiful women and later of actors.As the head of the Utagawa school he was also the most influential man on the next generation of ukiyo-e designers.

Kabuki Actor and Mt. Fuji

Kabuki Actor Portrait Matsumoto Koshiro

Kabuki Actor Portrait Sawamura Sojuro III

Kabuki Actor Portrait Matsumoto Koshiro V



sits quietly
on a packet of sweets
a cockroach in the fridge


Ram Krishna Singh's Micropoetry | - The Micropoets Society

Ram Krishna Singh's Micropoetry | - The Micropoets Society

the evening’s smile
seems conspiring with floating shadows
swains rehearse in dark corners
with cigarettes
I simply gobble the scene

poised on the ice lake
a solitary moorhen's
-frozen longing