Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


feeling the age
crawling under my skin
what's in the afterlife
i wish for a guitar
and younger Dylan

aku merasa
makin tua saja
di kehidupan setelah mati
mudah-mudahan ada gitar
dan Dylan muda


Beatrice V said...

I love the long story told in a succint poem. The word 'age' evokes a long period of time, past, present and future, 'crawling' brings us to the present and 'afterlife' takes us onto some mystical future, then 'younger' flashes back to the past again! Excellent, so much can be read into it!

Area 17 said...

I second Beatrice. It's a great tanka!

Alan, With Words

Wahyu W. Basjir said...

Thanks Beatrice and Alan. I really missed the posts on our blog for quite some times. So many excellent works and inspired me to post mine..