Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


misted over river
the Humber Bridge
linking to Heaven


Reihaisha said...

very nice...

David said...

misted river
the Humber bridge
a road to nowhere

Area 17 said...

Like the first two lines, but as a kind of honourary Hullite, not the last line. ;-)

Alan’s Area 17 blog

Spiros Zafiris said... it; but somehow i sway
towards Line 1 simply being:

river mist...

Area 17 said...

Fair enough. ;-)

It wasn't simply river mist though, which is where I got stuck.

The bridge (and it is big) looked disembodied, not just from river mist, but a separate bank of fog, and low cloud too.

Any ideas for the term?


Spiros Zafiris said...

misted over river
the Humber Bridge
linking to Heaven
Author Archive Alan Summers
with what you say, Alan, it
complicates things; perhaps:

two mists in one...
they separate the Humber Bridge;
its link to Heaven

Area 17 said...

I think I can use something from this Spiros, thank you! ;-)


Spiros Zafiris said...'re welcome; pleases me that you may incorporate one of my suggestions,