Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


through branches  -
the sun cutting
shadows out of the frost


David said...

I like this John

Pearl said...

interesting one.

Jack Galmitz said...

Great work, John.
I'm impressed with the physicality of the poem, the Language School style,and moreover the "cutting" associates well with biting cold of winter!
Fine work.

Jack Galmitz said...

Excellent work, John.
I appreciate the sheer physicality of the images, the "cutting," a word carefully chosen with associations to the biting of winter cold.

Jack Galmitz said...

This is strong work, John.
Very physical. The choice of the word "cutting" is crucial, as it has powerful associations with the biting cold of winter.
Great work!

Jack Galmitz said...

Very strong work, John.
The word "cutting" is perfect; it lends power to the image and the tearing coldness of the season!

Jack Galmitz