Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun


A leaf
boldly floats downstream
unaware of
the guided current


diana l. said...

This one sounds spiritual to me. I like it. (Two small corrections for English, if you don't mind: "leaf" instead of "leave" and "floats" versus "float".)

Gabri Rigotti said...

Powerful observation ...

We mostly react to circumstance even when we think we are proactive.

So our lives are shaped mostly by reactions to circumstances beyond our control.

We might not like this but it is the more probable reality.

Even if we are proud of our sense of control like the 'bold' leaf.

Perhaps destiny/fate is the mysterious 'guided current' that we have to be aware of?

And if one is pantheist and merely in awe of 'what is' (the universe and its instance in the multiverse) the word 'guided' as a force of the 'instance' is still meaningful.