Today is also ending--
at the bottom of the snowstorm
the gigantic sun



light rain–
a blackbird’s sub-song
shares the evening

During the winter, Blackbirds can often be heard quietly "singing to themselves" within undergrowth, this is called sub-song.  Blackbirds quietly practise these songs in the run up to the courting season.



Möme said...

Lovely, Alan. I can picture the two of you in the drizzle :-)

Vida said...

So peaceful!
Alan, there is a website that you may like,

Kelly M. said...

delightful, Alan -- did not know that about blackbirds! :-)

Area 17 said...

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks for the American bird site, enjoyed.

This is a snatch of sound of the British blackbird song: weblink to mp3 track